About Us

We are an Austrian B2B sales agency dedicated to promote and sell high value-added differentiated products from competitive and innovative suppliers in various European markets with main focus on Central and Eastern Europe.

We dedicate our services to providing producers with concrete sustainable sales results in new markets and/or to new industrial customers in existing markets, also finding new product development and adaptation opportunities that match the concrete needs of the end-customers.

We find customers for the producer´s current product portfolio and for those products which are planned to be launched, involving the producer in the sales development process. We focus on quality and differentiation, so our supply base consists always on competitive raw materials, ingredients or equipment producers who differentiate themselves from competition through innovation, sustained quality, continuous improvement and the capacity to satisfy the most demanding end-users´ needs for their local and/or export markets.


Since the expansion of the European Union consecutively in 2004, 2007 and 2012, the integration process of East and West has gone through a steady consolidation process and new opportunities have appeared for Western European and overseas producers in order to sell the products not only for local consumption, but also for local transformation and sales in the EU, Middle East, China, South East Asia, USA, the Americas, Africa and Australia.

We help producers introduce their products in the European market with focus on Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania and Switzerland, reaching local manufacturers who provide excellence to their local markets and/or to foreign markets, meaning that the involved products become related to best in class end products for demanding consumers in the region, the EU and/or overseas.

Central and Eastern Europe is an amazing source of talent and production capacity, so we help producers to find the right set of customers who can appreciate the value of their products and who create value by sourcing from them.

Process and method

With more than 30 years´ experience in international trade in developed and developing markets, we know the importance of accurate, open and transparent communication between the stakeholders (key actors and influencers) in the introduction and business retention process. In that way, we involve Top Management, Logistics, Marketing, Purchasing, Production, Quality, R&D, Regulatory and Sales Departments in the process from the very start, taking full care that supplier and end-user are sharing the same message during the introduction, sampling, validation, across-the-board tests and product implementation in regular production.

We do not believe in a spontaneous match of product offer/need, but in the delicate flow of precise information, sampling, pricing, testing, product adjustment and validation until finally reaching your sales goals.


We focus on the food and pharma industries, where there is very small room for second best quality supply. Competitiveness and quality is the name of the game, and we select our partners (suppliers and end-users) in order provide a sustainable set of high standards.