About Us

We are an Austrian B2B sales agency dedicated to promote and sell high value-added differentiated products from small and middle-sized competitive suppliers operating on a success fee basis in Central and Eastern Europe.

We focus our services in providing your company with concrete sustainable sales results in new markets with your current product portfolio and also finding new product development and adaptation opportunities that match the concrete needs of the end customers in the destination markets.

We find customers for your current products and for those you are planning to launch. We focus on quality and differentiation, so our supply base consists always on competitive raw materials, ingredients or equipment producers who differentiate themselves from competition through innovation, sustained quality, continuous improvement and the capacity to satisfy the most demanding end-usersĀ“ needs for their local and/or export markets.

Central and Eastern Europe is an amazing source of talent, innovative solutions and production capacity, so we also help you to source specific ingredients and other raw materials as well as production services for your demanding industrial needs.